10 September, 2012

Nothing New.

Not much around here has been going on. We're starting to really enjoy the cool weather that has set in.

Shannon and I had a great weekend, while Mike had a work BBQ to attend and a leaky pipe in our ceiling to fix.

I was so bummed that I couldn't go to the BBQ, but the weather was due to get really bad. Babies, hail, and tornado warnings just don't mix in my mind.

We went to Costco with Nana, where I came home with 5lbs of baking soda, a giant bag of veggie sticks, and some of those mexican chicken wraps. Costco does weird things to your brain.

Shannon spent 3/4 of the trip hanging over the cart handle, screaming at people who didn't pay her enough attention and the other 1/4 testing out the samples with me. Who doesn't love sample day at Costco?!

After Nana, Shannon, and I ate our way through Costco, we stopped for lunch at a sweet little diner in town. It was a great girl's day!

That's really about it. Exciting lives we lead, right?

Hopefully tomorrow holds a ride on my lovely mare (or at least some snuggles... It's supposed to be rainy and gross). It's time to gets those blankets out so Miss Wil can be snuggly and warm. I love that she lives outside, and making sure she's dressed properly makes me smile. She's also due for a pedicure.

My little hambone!
This new screaching thing is so beyond adorable... but doesn't bode well when she's supposed to be just hanging out.
Love waking up to this face in the morning. We don't co-sleep anymore, but I will bring her into bed with me when she first wakes up in the morning. It's a great chance to snag some more snuggles.

Girl's lunch with Nana!
Somebody should really inform Dixie that that's not exactly what the boppy pillow is supposed to be used for!
What happens when it's Dad's turn to 'watch' the baby.
Watchin' the tube.
The other 1/3 of my heart. I love this mare and our journey together!
You missed one...
* Something funky is going on with the pictures in this joint. I'm contemplating making the switch to Wordpress, since Blogger isn't really all that I was hoping it would be... however I also don't want to lose all my previous posts. Please bear with me while I get everything sorted out. :) 

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