03 September, 2012

Early Starts!

Horse crazy was a name that I got called a lot in high school... I think that my obsession has since grown past that. So much so that when Mike and I were wandering around the fair last week and I caught sight of the pony rides, I made a bee line.

When I was young, I always insisted on the pony rides. Then it was lessons. Then a lease. Then a horse of my own. Now, over 20 years later, I'm still obsessed. I wanted to pass that obsession onto Shannon so it was only natural that she took her first spin on the pony ride!

She needs a little bit of work on her heels, and sitting up straight, but I think she's off to a great start!

I'm not sure who got more of a kick out of it, me or her! She loved it.

From there we went to the petting zoo, to make sure that the animal bug was well ground into her. She loved the goats, but not so much the donkey. He brayed right into her face, which startled her (and me!) a bit, but she finally gave him a pat on the nose.

We did discover, that she is NOT a fan of chickens. It must be genetic. They are awful creatures in my opinion. I'm more than happy to leave the chicken loving to the chicken lovers while I continue to admire from afar.
We had a great time, and I'm looking forward to going back next year! 

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