07 September, 2012

And Then There Was A Naked Man...

That's right folks... a naked man.

Shannon and I were on our way to the barn (where I actually worked Willow, whose hock looks wonderful! Score!), minding our own business, when the car in the opposite lane flashed their lights at us.

I flashed my lights back and checked my speed, thinking that there was a cop in front of us. The road is fairly windy and I've been picked up there a few times before.

Sure enough, I came around the corner to an officer in the road motioning for me to slow down. I did, because that's what you do as a law abiding citizen.

I'm glad I did, because not 30 seconds into my slowing down and man bolted out into the road, followed by an assortment of police officers.

I saw his winky.

It was flopping about like a dead fish. Then the cops tackled him to the pavement while I sat in total shock, unsure of if I should laugh, cry, or throw up.

I did a little of everything.

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